Dive into the unknown.

Xenophobia is the irrational sensation of fear experienced when we perceive something as strange or foreign. It is one of the most common phobias experienced by all species.

Why are we so afraid of the unknown? Is it because its unpredictable? Or is it because we don’t know whether we might find it pleasant or repulsive? This feeling of uncertainty and anxiety builds up the fear in our heads even more than it actually is.

This anxiety and fear has the capability of driving a person insane. Possible symptoms include high blood pressure, unnecessary trauma, headache and to an extent paranoia.

Now I request you to please answer this simple question: Why put yourself through all this? Why let fear of the unknown take control over your cognitive abilities and rational sense?

I’m pretty sure you all have your reasons, and so do I. But even though I don’t know you, I do know this; we both are Xenophobic to an extent, because nobody likes to step out of their comfort zone and experience the unknown. Its scary. Simply because its a new experience, its a new feeling, its something that we aren’t accustomed to. You don’t know anything about it. And that is what amplifies its haunting factor.

Instead, be carefree. Face the unknown with an optimistic mindset and let the events unravel in their natural way. There’s absolutely nothing in the world which can categorically be segregated into right or wrong. It all depends on your perception of things and how you as an individual decide to tackle a situation.

The advantages of being carefree is that you wouldn’t ever refrain from deep diving into the unknown, because a carefree soul is an inquisitive one. Its a soul so pure and free from the social norms, that it has no boundaries. And by the end of the day, don’t we all want to live a life where we aren’t bound by the fear of the unknown? Then why not live a little and be more carefree? Its really not as hard as you think.


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